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Develop the TOOL KIT for adult literacy in Europe

Develop the TOOL KIT for adult literacy in Europe


EuroDEMOS invites you to be part of the team who will develop the TOOL KIT for adult literacy in Europe within the



European tools for adult literacy in democracy



Learning democracy as an effective way to empower illiterate adults



The international workshop “European tools for adult literacy in democracy” is developed by EuroDEMOS Association and will be an international framework to look on opportunities that democracy offers.


EuroDEMOS International Association has as purpose the defending of human rights, promotion of democracy values and community models through means and forms specific to the civil society.

EuroDEMOS (Community Elites in European background) is a Civic Attitudes Association, nongovernmental, independent, not for profit.


The workshop “European tools for adult literacy in democracyis addressed to staff and professionals working in the field of adult literacy education, interested to develop the pedagogical and counselling literacy activities and the work in the field of adult literacy.


The international workshop “European tools for adult literacy in democracy” will take place in Iasi, Romania, on 04 – 13 June 2014 and is funded by European Commission through Grundtvig Program.

The workshop is prepared and conducted by a multi-qualified team of specialists with expertise gained in international programs.


The objectives of the workshop are:

1. To support the development and sharing of innovate quality teaching practices in literacy of adults and adults with special needs among participating countries;

2. To develop new competences and pedagogical methodology for teachers and staff involved in adults’ literacy.


Within the workshop, the participants will define democracy and means of civic participation for vulnerable social groups, with focus on illiterate adults.

Also, another focus of the project will be on developing a strategy at institutional level for the participants’ organisations. The participants will learn to find opportunities for development offered by the European and national institutions.


An important outcome of the project will be the TOOL KIT to be used in the adult literacy work, with:

-          Tools for Teaching: European programs and pedagogical methods to support adult literacy education;

-          ICT Pedagogical Tools and ways using ICT based content in adult literacy education;

-          Tools for Social Inclusion;

-          Tools for Organisational Management: Innovative methods for organisational development of the institution working in the field of adult literacy



Profile of participants:

The Grundtvig Workshop is opened to professionals working in the field of adult literacy education

  • Staff and professionals active within organizations, institutions, authorities working in the field of adult literacy;

·         Aged over 18;

·         Be a citizen of a LLP Program country;

·         Fluent/medium in English (this will be the working language of the workshop).




The travel cost will be reimbursed 100%, on the bases of the financial documents required by the program financial guidelines.

Only the participants who attend the entire workshop can be reimbursed.



Board and lodging will be provided by EuroDEMOS Association in Iasi city.




If you want to participate please send the filled application on the e-mail eurodemos@yahoo.com.


*****Deadline for applications: 25th May 2014 *****



Candidates may be selected, rejected or registered on a reserve list;

The selection will be made on the base of the filled application, also respecting the rules which have been approved by his/her Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig National Agency. These include rules on the minimum number of participants from a varied number of countries.




We are looking forward for your application!


Best regards,

Mihaela Bolohan, project coordinator


Director of International Programs Department

EuroDEMOS Association:

20 Pacurari Street, Iasi, Romania;

Phone/Fax: 0040332803634;

Mobile: 0040747982025; 0040720728953

E-mail: eurodemos@yahoo.com;

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