EstRA Projects awarded with the IRA Award for Innovative Reading Promotion in Europe:

Reading is Fun (Award in 2005)

The project was launched in 2000. Participants are 11 to 16 year old middle school students. Within the project students read interesting books throughout the school year, analyse them in chat rooms via the Internet and carry out various competitive  tasks

on the basis of their reading using computers.

Project managers

Hele Kriisa and Anu Ratasep.


Reading Nest (Award in 2009)

Reading Nest is a project for creating a motivating reading environment in nursery schools and schools. The Reading Nest project started with help from the Dutch MATRA-KAP programme in 2004, and over 1500 teachers have since been trained.

Its objective is to design an environment in schools where children

can read in an enjoyable and safe atmosphere and engage in activities,

promote creativity of both children and teachers, and foster

collaboration between home and community.

Project manager Maili Vesiko-Liinev

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