Workshop "Hello, School!" for family members of children with native language other than Estonian
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Ongoing projects


Reading games

Through an initiative of the dyslexia special interest group of the Association two collections, 5 sets of original and Estonian language oriented reading games have been published since 2004 by Koolibri Publishers.

The project aims to provide interesting educational tools for children, parents and teachers in the form of board games and facilitate the development and shaping of children’s reading skills.

Project manager Kadi Lukanenok


Identification of reading difficulties in pre-school and primary school

Project aims to find out kindergarden teachers and primary school teachers' methods in identification of reading difficulties

Family History research

Project results in a lot of memories stored, improved children's reading and writing skills and gathered first experiences of research compilation


Textbooks for the 1st Grade in teachers' evaluation

Project analysed teachers' evaluations on textbooks of Estonian language, mathematics and science for the first grade. Rresults of the first research year have been published.


Schools Where Literacy Thrives“

Activities are concentrated on reading of scientific literature in 2014. The pupils are invited to compile book recommendations in different forms - video, animation, powerpoint presentations or poster.



See ELINET brochure

EstRA is a member of The European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET). This network unifies 78 partner organisations from 28 European countries (including 24 EU member states) engaged in literacy policy-making and reading promotion in Europe.

ELINET has many teams, EstRA is participating in team 7 "Awareness Raising"

The mission of this team is to raise awareness about literacy by developing a comprehensive toolkit encompassing awareness raising tools and materials, such as a campaign movie and a literacy scan, an online database with good practices from all over Europe, and a strategic guidance. A practice has to be research-proved, to be considered as good, so ELINET has supported the implementation studies of one of the EstRAs most successful projects, the Reading Nest.

More information on http://www.eli-net.eu/

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