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Grants Supporting Diversity Policy Initiatives ...
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Grants Supporting Diversity Policy Initiatives ...


Grants Supporting Diversity Policy Initiatives in State and Provincial Councils and International Affiliates


This grant initiative is in support of IRA’s Diversity Policy passed by the Board of Directors February, 2011. The Diversity Policy seeks to increase involvement of underrepresented communities as members and leaders within the IRA council and international affiliate network.

Recognizing that national and international leadership is developed from the local level, the International Reading Association will offer grants for a state or provincial council or international affiliate to plan and implement an initiative to increase membership of underrepresented communities in their areas and to develop leadership pathways for these members.



1.      To increase membership of teachers, reading specialists and instructional coaches, reading curriculum leaders and administrators from underrepresented communities at the local, state, provincial, and/or international affiliate levels of the IRA network.


2.      To engage members from underrepresented communities in pathways to leadership positions in the IRA network.


Criteria and Conditions to Apply:

1.      The IRA council or international affiliate representing the application should be in good standing with the International Reading Association.


2.      The council or international affiliate should partner with at least one group representing underrepresented populations from their local area. Examples of such groups might be organizations representing educators of underrepresented populations in countries around the world, such as teachers of students learning multiple languages (e. g., TESOL), associations of black educators (e. g.,NABSE), associations of educators of Native Americans (e. g., NIEA),associations of educators of Maori or Aboriginal populations,etc.; or groups that share in developing diversity projects, such as school library associations, university student ambassadors, and content teacher organizations.


3.      The council or international affiliate willdevelop and submit a two-year plan to accomplish both goals of the IRA Diversity Policy grant (see attached application form). The plan should have the potential for increasing membership and initiating involvement of underrepresented groups in the leadership work of the council or international affiliate. In the plan:

a)      Account for coordinating efforts with local councils and member communities;

b)      Include specific strategies with an implementation time line across the two years and a statement of expected results for each strategy;

c)      Include specific strategies for sustaining membership and leadership roles of underrepresented groups;

d)     Include a detailed budget on how requested monies will be used (up to US$2500 across the two years).


4.      At the end of the two years, report results by explaining:

a.       How the strategies were implemented and the results of these efforts (i.e., an accounting of new members brought into the organization and members placed in leadership positions);

b.      How the grant monies were used;

c.       Strategies and practices that were successful in meeting the goals of this grant and that could be replicated elsewhere;

d.      Challenges encountered and the possible solutions to those challenges;

e.       How the initiative will be sustained after the grant period is over.

Acceptable Use of Funds:

1.      Marketing (e. g., brochures/flyers aimed at target audience, copying, postage, supplies, website fees, membership booth at partner organization conference, refreshments, etc.)

2.      Travel for meetings with potential new members (reimbursement for mileage)

3.      Workshops on culture and relationships with underrepresented groups

4.      Sponsorship of mini-conference or speaker in areas of high population of target audience

5.      Creation/development of webinar and/or podcast on issues facing target population

6.      Service projects that include underrepresented groups

7.      State, provincial, or international affiliate memberships for new members

8.      State, provincial, or international affiliate conference expenses for new members

9.      IRA memberships for new members

10.  One-time IRA conference registration for new members in leadership positions

11.  Other uses of funds are possible with an acceptable justification



1.      Funds may not be used for computer hardware or other technology that is not designed specifically to meet the goals of this initiative. An exception would be web page construction/design that is integrated into the overall plan.

2.      If memberships or conference expenses are provided, a requirement must be included that new members share what they learn with their school community or targeted partner group.


[The IRA Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges past presidents Drs. Patricia Edwards and Carmelita Williams for advancing the conceptualization of this initiative.]







Timeline for Application and Deadlines:

Year One:

August 31                   Postmark Deadline for Applications

September-October    Global Operations Unit with CDMs—Committee Review of Applications

November                   Notification of Grantees


Year Two:

February 1                   Progress report due to Global Operations Unit with CDMs; Feedback provided

IRA Conference         Recognition of successful projects; Share with council leaders


Send completed application to the address below, or electronically to: councils@reading.org.


Grants for Diversity Policy Initiatives


                   International Reading Association

800 Barksdale Road, PO Box 8139

Newark, Delaware 19714-8139, USA


International Reading Association Diversity Policy


Approved February 11, 2011


We live in a multicultural society; therefore, an inclusive IRA network should also be multicultural. To achieve this goal and to hold ourselves accountable during this process, the strategic plan of the IRA board of directors includes the goal to increase involvement of currently underrepresented communities at the local, state, provincial, national, and international affiliate levels of the IRA network. This diversity initiative applies to all levels of the organization and includes staff, board, and volunteer composition.


Cultural awareness and competency should be integral components of all board, staff, and volunteer activities. As a diverse organization, the IRA network can better represent and advocate for the members served and have a far greater impact on improving literacy instruction for all learners. Therefore, it is the objective of the Association to achieve diversity of the IRA network as reflected in its policies, volunteer, board, and staff composition, committee activities, management plan, resource materials, publications, and technical assistance.


Each IRA program should strive to achieve a volunteer base that reflects the makeup of the communities being served. In order for Association members and volunteers to represent the best interests of all learners, they must be cognizant of and sensitive to learners’ frames of reference, including their heritage, culture, ethnicity, religion, and family structure. It is also important that members be able to communicate sensitively with literacy learners and their families in order to communicate appropriate educational needs. Member service and outreach programs should be accessible to all individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or disability.



Grants Supporting Diversity Policy Initiatives

in State and Provincial Councils and International Affiliates


Application for November 2011 – May 2013

Deadline: August 31, 2011


Please type or print clearly and give full details for each question. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.


State, Provincial, or International Affiliate:_______________________________________


Contact Person:_____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________




Proposed Professional Partner:___________________________________________________

1.      Please describe the proposed two-year plan:





















2.      Proposed timeline, strategies, and expected results of each strategy.








































3.      Describe how you will determine results (i.e., growth from pre-strategy to post-strategy).






















4.      Proposed Budget (up to US$2500 for each grant) and narrative explaining how each item will be used.




















The IRA Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the work of Patricia Edwards and Carmelita Williams in the concept of this initiative.


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