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Liitu alustava kirjaoskuse projektiga!


Dr Samuel Brown ja Ameerika Rotary Klubi kutsuvad üles liituma nende alustatava kirjaoskuse projektiga. See projekt kutsub õpilasi looma jutustusi ühe olemasoleva pildivaliku põhjal, lingid on kirja sees.

Piltide järgi otsustades sobib see projekt meie mõistes peamiselt põhikooli II ja III astme õpilastele, aga oodatud on kõigi huviliste osalemine. Projekt pakub ka tuge loodud tekstide keelelisel toimetamisel. Tegemist on otse Eesti Lugemisühingule saadetud üleskutsega, seega otsitakse kontakte ja oodatakse osalemist justnimelt meie maalt. Palun, tutvuge ja vahendage seda üleskutset oma tuttavate lugemisinimeste ja võimalike huviliste, ennekõike õpetajate seas. Aktiivset osavõttu!
Heade soovidega lugemistegevusteks ja kogu alanud 2014. aastaks
Kadi Lukanenok



Dear Estonian Reading Association (EstRA),

My Rotary Club is sponsoring a literacy project [www.srbrown.info/comics] that may enhance the literacy of some of the students in your country. The goal would be for a student (teenager to adult) to write a two-page mini-graphic novel in his or her native language that utilizes 12 illustrations. As an affiliate of the International Reading Association we are reaching out to you for your help in locating an organization in your country that works to promote literacy among teenagers and adults. We would contact the organization to see if it would like to participate in our literacy project. There is no deadline for this project and the timeframe for completion would be up to the organization and its volunteers and students.

This is how the project would work:
500 non-copyrighted, public domain numbered illustrations [www.srbrown.info/comics/all/all.html] would be made available to students at no charge. The illustrations could be downloaded to stand-alone computers or accessed via the Internet, if it is available. Students would arrange 12 of the 500 illustrations in an order that tells a story. They would write two or three sentences to describe what is happening in an illustration and give the identification number of each one, for example w13.jpg. At the top of the document they would include a title and a one-sentence synopsis of the story.

The result would be an unpolished story in need of editing that contains the text and the identification numbers of the illustrations used in each part of the story. One of the volunteers in the organization would work with the student to edit the story and further refine the grammar. Once the revisions have been made, the organization would email me the story and the numbers of the illustrations that go with each section. I would reconfigure the story so that it includes the full-color illustrations and fits on two 8 1/2” x 11” pages. A version in pdf format would be emailed back to the organization.

The key to the success of this project is the sense of ownership that students will feel when they complete the stories. They will have a vested interest in improving the stories and will look forward to receiving their copy. This project has been tested out with two very different populations--inmates at Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, CT, USA and high school and college students in Mexico who are scholarship recipients of Project Amigo. Links to their stories may be found by going to [www.srbrown.info/stories/adult/].

This is a voluntary Rotary Club project and no one is charged anything or realizes any profit. If a student gives his or her permission the story may be included on the Illustrated Stories website [www.srbrown.info/stories] for other people to enjoy. Otherwise, a pdf version of the story will simply be sent to the organization.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing this project in further detail.


Samuel Brown, Ph.D.
Cheshire, CT
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